5 Reasons Why You Should Skip Hiring an Agent to Sell Your Property in Kennesaw

Not every property or seller fits snuggly into the conventional method. So read on as we explore five reasons you should skip hiring an agent to sell your property in Kennesaw.


If you’re like most homeowners, your next thought is that the hefty fees real estate agents charge is one reason you should skip hiring an agent to sell your property in Kennesaw. For many sellers, however, having the assistance of a professional to walk them through the process is worth the cost. But another option still allows you to work with a professional yet save the commissions for yourself. Making a direct sale to local professional buyers like those at pkbuyshouses.com means you won’t pay any commissions. You’ll have every number in hand to compare what you’d profit on the market against the offer from your professional buyer at pkbuyshouses.com, which you’ll agree is fair. We do this because we want you to feel good about working with pkbuyshouses.com long after you leave the closing table. In addition, professional buyers at pkbuyshouses.com operate with total transparency, so no hidden fees or surprises await you at the closing. 


The out-of-pocket expenses of prep work and marketing the property to buyers are another reason you should skip hiring an agent to sell your property in Kennesaw. However, a fresh coat of paint and updates throughout your home can help you earn a higher sales price. Along with this, standards for a listing with a real estate agent will utilize professionals’ high-quality digital photography and 360-degree drone videos to market your property online. Typically, agents work with professional stagers because staged properties tend to sell 25% faster. In addition, staging highlights the home’s best features, presenting a neutral canvas for buyers, often requiring the removal of personal items from view, with larger pieces of furniture or any excess possessions to clear storage space visually. However, suppose you aren’t thrilled about the process of prepping or paying the professional fees for your marketing. In that case, you can avoid the hassles of the prep work with no showings to worry about and put your wallet away because there are no out-of-pocket expenses before the sale when you sell directly to professional buyers like those at pkbuyshouses.com. 


Suppose you want to avoid the devastating fallout of a foreclosure. In that case, there’s a small window of opportunity to pursue options with your lender. You should skip hiring an agent to sell your property in Kennesaw if there’s no resolution in sight and you can’t afford to wait out the listing, showing and closing processes. Or perhaps you’ve had to relocate for work or to help a family member in need and are now carrying the expenses of two properties, known as holding costs, in addition to the burden of paying a caretaker or spending your precious time and money traveling between the two. One thing a real estate agent cannot provide you with is the date your property will sell. When sellers are under a time crunch, selling directly to professional buyers like those at pkbuyshouses.com provides a quick solution with a guaranteed closing date in as fast as a week in most cases. In addition, professional buyers at pkbuyshouses.com will cover your closing costs to save you money.


Selling a house is a cost-intensive and time-consuming process that many homeowners dread. The costs can quickly pile up, depending on the condition of your home and what you need to do to get it ready for showings. However, skipping hiring an agent and selling your property in Kennesaw yourself can help you save money on costly commission fees while also cutting down on much of the hassle associated with moving.

The process starts off by pricing your home appropriately based on market data so you don’t end up overpricing and paying a hefty commission fee to an agent after potential purchasers decline your listing price as too high. You can then advertise your home effectively online with detailed information about its size, neighborhood, amenities, nearby schools, and more to attract the right type of buyer.

Once you’ve got an interested party, it’s time to host a showing in which you can highlight all your home has to offer. This means cleaning, de-cluttering, and making sure everything is in working condition so that potential buyers are not discouraged by any property flaws. You are also under no obligation to accept a bid unless the terms suit you, such as the closing date or down payment amount, giving you complete control over negotiations and the final sale price.


Professional buyers at pkbuyshouses.com can help you decide whether or not you should skip hiring an agent to sell your property in Kennesaw. If selling your property on the Kennesaw real estate market would better serve you, the professional buyers at pkbuyshouses.com they’ll tell you so because their mission first and foremost is to help you, our neighbors here in Kennesaw. We do this at pkbuyshouses.com because we want you to feel good about working with our professional buyers and our full-service in-house team of industry specialists to make the process quick, easy and straightforward. 

When you add up the alternatives that the professional buyers at pkbuyshouses.com have to offer sellers, you may find many dollar signs in the reasons to skip hiring an agent to sell your property in Kennesaw. Call pkbuyshouses.com at 678-348-6734.

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